CBU Benefits offers multiple supplemental insurance products through our partnership with Washington National Insurance Company. Read below to find out more, and click on any product for a detailed PDF about available coverage.


A single accident can quickly put the brakes on your active lifestyle. While your standard medical insurance may cover some expenses, it won’t cover all of your deductibles, copays, coinsurance, treatments, transportation expenses, or caregiver costs. From lacerations to broken bones, an accident plan can help put money back into your pocket when you need it the most.


Cancer is among the most common illnesses today, affecting anyone at any time. Supplemental cancer insurance provides benefits for inpatient treatments and cancer therapy like radiation, stem-cell transplants, and can even help cover some experimental treatments. We can also help to find the best plans for you that offer wellness and annual care benefits.

Critical Illness

If you or a family member experience cancer, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, or another common critical illness, you could face the high cost of insurance deductibles, copays, coinsurance, alternative treatments, transportation, and caregiver expenses.

CBU Benefits can help you to find the best supplemental options to help with these and other costs. Critical illness insurance pays lump-sum benefits upon the first diagnosis of common conditions like cancer, heart attack and stroke.

Hospital Stays

Even a brief hospital stay is expensive. To help protect you, CBU Benefits can help you find the best option for a standalone hospital and ICU insurance policy – Because when you’re injured or ill, your top concern should be getting well and going home.

Short-Term Disability

If you are injured or ill and cannot work, the last thing on your mind should be how you will continue to pay for day-to-day items like rent or mortgage, groceries, or keeping the lights on. CBU Benefits can help you find a short-term disability plan that will get you a weekly sum while you are out of work.

Life Insurance

You want to protect the people you love most, and life insurance helps you do just that. Benefits can be used to help pay your final expenses, pay off debts, replace lost income, and more.