We know that there are lots of things that you need to spend your hard-earned money on when payday rolls around, and that many people hear about insurance and health care and think it’s just one more expense they cannot afford. But with the high cost of a hospital bill, and the rising prices of even your regular primary care, how can you afford not to consider adding supplemental health care options?

CBU Benefits recognizes that raising awareness among individuals and families about the benefits of supplemental insurance is critical so you can be covered before an unexpected event takes place.

The value and peace of mind that comes with supplemental insurance can save you thousands of dollars.

For only a few dollars a week, you can cover your whole family against the following:

  • Disability (loss of one or more paychecks due to accident or illness)
  • Death of a family member
  • Accidents that result in doctor/ER/hospital visits; for example, injuries resulting from a car accident, a slip or fall, cuts, vacation disasters, sports, household, etc.
  • Cancer diagnosis and treatments
  • Diagnosis of heart attack, stroke, etc.

Like your car insurance and life insurance, there is always an “I hope I never have to use this, but…” factor, and supplemental insurance is no different. Even people who have full insurance and a low deductible can be hit with those “unseen” costs; if your child is injured, your insurance may fully cover their ER visit, but do they pay for your missed time at work? An accident plan could pay you up to $500 for that ER visit – adding money to your pocket when you need it most.

CBU Benefits works directly with you to make sure that you have the extra coverage that you need. We offer accident, cancer, hospital, and critical illness plans, as well as short-term disability options and life insurance policies. Let us talk to you today about how you can cover yourself and your loved ones for just a few dollars.