We know that as a business owner or human resources manager, you’re busy organizing the thousand moving parts of your company and adding “just one more piece” can seem daunting, difficult, and even unnecessary. That’s why at CBU Benefits, we strive to make sure that we take up as little of your time as possible, ensuring your employees are receiving the proper benefits they need to be happy, healthy and successful. The CBU Benefits team will handle all the claims processing for your employees after they’ve signed up. This way, you can keep doing what you’ve always done – worked hard to grow your business – without wasting time and money.

One of the greatest incentives for employers to offer who are looking to hire reliable, long-lasting employees is supplemental benefits. These benefits are seen by many individuals as a huge perk to their existing benefits package and provide relief to many families and individuals who may have not had the supplemental option or health insurance at all. Many small business owners do not currently offer a full health package due to the expense or long sign-up process. Our supplemental benefits are a terrific option that can be offered to new or existing employees at little to no cost to you, and a very affordable rate for your employees. These benefits can be offered on a weekly or bi-weekly basis – promoting a better quality of life for you and your employees.


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